Juvenile fiction


: Leuntje Aarnoutse

illustrator: Doesjka Bramlage


Wiek lives with his mother. He has never met his father and has invented a story about him, that he's stranded on a desert island, like Robinson Crusoe, and is just waiting for rescue in order to return home. Then one day a strange looking man turns up at their front door with a bunch of flowers in his hand. Wiek tells him to clear off; he is not allowed to let strangers in when his mother ‘s out. But a little later there the flowers are, on the table, and Wiek's mother tells him they have a visitor. It is the same man. Slowly Wiek realizes that this is his father - Frenk, a cool guy who plays bass in a band. But no sooner has Wiek got to know and like Frenk, than he leaves again. Wiek doesn't understand.

Longing for his father's return, he composes a song, specially for him, but when this doesn't bring Frenk back, Wiek finally accepts that he will never be around all the time, and he decides to settle for a once-in-a-while father.

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