Juvenile fiction


: Jan Terlouw

How to Become King

The country of Katoren loses its fun-loving king and six self-righteous ministers seize power to form a provisional government until a new king is found. Seventeen years later, a teenage boy named Stark challenges the ministers and declares he wants to be king. The ministers set Stark seven impossible tasks to achieve this. By listening carefully to people's ideas, Stark manages to find a creative solution for every task. How to Become King is an exciting, sometimes magical adventure story with a strong satirical streak.

Rights sold to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Brazil, South-Africa, Spain (Catalan, Castillian, Gallician, Basque), Greece, Iceland, Hungary, Ireland, Czech Republic, France, Frysland, Indonesia, Italy, and U.S.A.


The Golden Pen 1972, Best Austrian Juvenile 1973, European Award, Province of Trento, Italy 1973

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