Juvenile fiction


: Mireille Geus

Virenzo and I

Mireille Geus' first book tells a delicate story of deep friendship and loss. The two boys in Virenzo and I are each other's opposites, but also best friends. Geus cleverly brings out their mutual affection and jealousy. The story is intensified by the continiuous switch of perspective - sometimes Virenzo's, sometimes Jan's. This way, the reader takes a look at both their lives and feelings.

The story takes an unforeseen turn Virenzo drowns in a boating accident. Then there is just one point of view left to tell and read from. This makes the loss of Virenzo very tangible for the reader. Jan stays behind and is plunged into all stages of grief: denial, anger, guilt and deep loss. Geus shows credibly how he finally comes to terms with the fact that the accident wasn't his fault and that he needs to let go.

Rights sold to Germany


Vlag and Wimpel by the Dutch Pen Jury 2004.

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