Juvenile fiction


: Martine Nijhoff

illustrator: Doesjka Bramlage

A Very Special Dog

A moving story about a young boy, Peter, whose parents decide to split up. Peter stays with his mother while his father moves to Italy. Losing a father is bad enough, but to make matters worse, his father takes their dog Beauregard with him. Peter is furious and his mother's anger only confirms his fury. He decides to write a letter to his dog - not to his father, he is too angry for that - and, amazingly, Beauregard writes back!! Peter learns all about the house they live in in the hills of Italy, about their life there. He also writes that Henry (Peter's dad) is very sad about leaving Peter. But Peter doesn't intend to forgive him just like that...

This touching story is intensified by cartoons at the bottom of every page which show Peter's true feelings. For example, in the story, Peter may react calmly, but in the cartoon we can see that he is boiling with anger inside! The story and the cartoons together make A Very Special Dog a very special book.

Illustrations by Doesjka Bramlage.

Rigths sold to Germany.

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