Juvenile fiction


: Mireille Geus


Piggy is powerful and evocative. Twelve-year-old Lizzy Bekell is a quiet girl who lives with her mother and attends a special school. Lizzy is mildly autistic and is nicknamed Dizzy, because whenever she is faced with situations which feel unpleasant or uncomfortable she goes off into daydreams. Her life changes when she meets Piggy, a manipulative girl who has moved to her neighbourhood. Piggy sees Lizzy as an easy mark, yet wants to befriend her at the same time. She hatches a plan to wreak vengeance on the boys who tease them and makes Lizzy her accomplice. How far will Lizzy allow herself to be manipulated before she stands up for herself?

Rights sold to Germany, Japan, Korea, U.S.A., Lithuania.


Golden Slate Pencil 2006 in the Netherlands and nominated for the Deutsche Jugendliteratur Preis 2008.

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