Juvenile fiction


: Anke de Vries


When his mother dies, Michael moves to the United States with his father, a successful lawyer who makes Michael throw away his ‘babyish' teddy bear. Eventually he is sent back to Holland where Michael meets Judith, who is being bullied and beaten by her mother. Judith hides the abuse, blaming her bruises on gangs of boys she says beat her up on her way home, and, more importantly, blaming herself for the abuse she endures. With compelling drama and authenticity, Michael's and Judith's stories unfold toward hopeful yet realistic resolutions. Bruises shines an insightful and empathic light on a highly delicate and difficult situation.

Rights sold to U.S.A., Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Mexico


Best Book for Young Adults - ALA 1997; Quick Picks for Reluctant YA Readers - ALA 1997; Best Books for the Teen Age - New York Public Library 1997


"This sophisticated, disturbing story presents its characters with sympathy for their vulnerabilities."
-Publishers Weekly

"A searing novel -sometimes painful to read, impossible to put down."
-Kirkus Reviews

"A wrenching portrait of a family in crisis."

"De Vries has successfully woven a tale of brutality, friendship, love, and epiphany that children as well as adults can absorb and learn from. ... While it is written to the reading ability of late elementary to junior high, it has enough grit to hold the interest of adults, and teachers of elementary and junior high students ought to read it just so they recognize the Judiths and Michaels in their class. Mr. Beekman, the children's teacher, almost didn't."
-Metapsychology Online Review

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