Picture Books

Edward van de Vendel

Edward van de Vendel (b. 1964) has rapidly developed into an all-round writer for children and teenagers. He once set up his own primary school, but opted in the end for writing, which was better suited to his idealism and talent.

After two collections of children's poetry, he broke through in 1999 with the poetic adaptation of Gijsbrecht, a the seventeenth-century Dutch classic, for which he was awarded the prestigious Gouden Zoen. He received this award again a year later for a totally different, pioneering adolescent novel. He also won a Silver Slate award for his text for a picture book.

An all-rounder with almost twenty books to his name, both prose and poetry for children and young people of varying ages.

books by Edward van de Vendel:

For You and No One Else
For You and No One Else