Picture Books


Hans Post en Kees Heij

illustrator: Irene Goede


Come fly away with the sparrow and learn about his life and habits in this informative and beautifully illustrated picture book.

Rights sold to U.S.A.


"Sparrows, originally published in the Netherlands as Mus, is the English version of Hans Post's 2006 book. The writing style is easy for children to comprehend; at the same time, they receive educational information. Parents and teachers can use this book as an instructional tool for elementary school children. The illustrations are clear, such as the picture of the mother bird laying eggs, and adults should prepare to answer questions that young ones may have. ... Overall, Sparrows ignites a love of bird watching into children."
-ForeWord Magazine

"For young birdwatchers, this handsome, large picture book...follows a house sparrow through the seasons in town and country places. ... First published in the Netherlands and translated from the Dutch, this informative title concludes with a short note that fills in more facts, including how sparrows first came to North America from England in 1850."

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