Picture Books


: Dieter Schubert

illustrator: Dieter Schubert

Where's My Monkey

A delightful story without words. A little boy loses his toy Monkey. All kinds of animals drag the poor thing around, until he's found by a doll doctor. In the end Monkey and his owner are reunited. Beautiful illustrations with many details, so many that the book will be a new adventure for your little one every time you read it. Viewing Monkey once means viewing it time after time!

This book was rewarded the Golden Paint Brush 1987, and is still outstanding today!

Rights sold to Denmark, Far Oer Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, U.K., U.S.A., Brazil.


"This captivating, wordless picture book portrays a boy's accidental loss of his beloved stuffed monkey, the creature's ensuing tribulations and the joyous reconciliation of animal and owner."
-Publisher's Weekly