Picture Books


: Roberto Piumini

illustrator: Piet Grobler

Doctor Me-Di-Cin

Oriental fairytale about a prince, Ma La Dy, who is ill but refuses to leave the castle for fresh air. A well-known doctor, Me Di Cine, tells the prince about life in the open air. The prince, eventually driven mad with curiosity, is finally persuaded to go outside - and he is healed. Funny word game with the names Me Di Cine and Ma La Dy.

Piet Grobler has provided this picture book with elegant illustrations, bursting with colour and life. Very healing indeed!

Rights sold to Italy, Korea, South-Africa, Colombia, Spain, U.S.A.


Gold Medal Award - The Nethlerlands 1974


"Despite his eponymous name, a wise doctor tricks a sick prince into curing himself without herbs or medications. When the prince becomes ill, he calls for the healing of a doctor's herbs, but the doctor tells him that all he needs is some fresh air. The prince refuses, telling the doctor that he must stay inside to paint and sending him out into the countryside to find medicinal plants. The doctor returns three times, without the healing herbs, but with tales of the amazing things beyond the palace's walls. Intrigued, the prince finally agrees to go along on one of the doctor's walks and is'magically' cured. Wonderfully delicate ink-and-watercolor illustrations of the young Chinese prince and his doctor are a perfect match for the story. Torn-paper paintings that the prince creates add a three-dimensional quality to many of the pages. A delightful amusement with lovely and evocative artwork."
-Kirkus Reviews

"With one to two efficient sentences per page, it makes for a smooth choice for group sharing. Grobler's simple, evocative illustrations do a wonderful job of setting the tone throughout the story."
-School Library Journal

"This simple story is a beautiful tale rendered with a minimum of words complemented by elegant Asian drawings that help spin a tale of childhood disobedience and present old China with grace and elegance."
-Library Talk

"Text and illustrations blend beautifully in this delightful story. Good introduction for young children to the Asian culture and people."
-Christian Schools International

"Grobler, an award-winning children's book illustrator, has created delicate illustrations lush with details of Chinese art. Rice paper, embroidery, bold read lacquer, and a porcelain vase from the Ming Dynasty add to the book's enchantment. Plants dance across the pages. The stylized birds in flight, like those on the vase, color the sky like fireworks, in stark contrast to boy's sad caged bird. Happily, however, even the little palace bird is set free to test his wings outside. Doctor Me Di Cin is wise indeed."

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