Picture Books


: Anke de Vries

illustrator: Willemien Min

Grey Mouse

Buckets of paint in all possible colours is what Grey Mouse needs! She would do anything to be less grey. She tries out every possible colour and pattern, and discovers that just being grey can be appealing too. Accepting who you are can be the best solution.

Willemien Min's illustrations with their clear definition and taut lines show us a sturdy mouse.

Rights sold to France, Italy, U.S.A., Japan, Korea, Spain & (Galician).


"The playful, painterly images of animals against an off-white background go well with the simple text."
-Horn Book Guide

"The artwork employs a good deal of white space that highlights solidly painted, simply rendered figures."
-School Library Journal

"Chipper graphics soup up a familiar premise about being yourself in this picture book from a Dutch team. Grey Mouse, feeling "blue,"tries to cheer herself up by painting herself different colors. When she tries green, Frog laughs at her; when she attempts polka dots, the ladybugs fly away. ...The artist's spare use of what appear to be collage elements (a florist's patterned wrapping paper; leaves printed on textured paper) subtly quickens the visual momentum."
-Publishers Weekly

"One day, Grey Mouse felt blue. She was bored and lonely. And she was tired of being grey', reads the opening. Min (Peter's Patchwork Dream) pictures the angular mouse with her head hanging low, tiny paws drawn to her temples. ... Throughout, Min's mixed-media illustrations set against the plain white page depict Grey Mouse trying on a variety of different colors and patterns. ... An affirming read."
-Kirkus Reviews

"This [book] teaches about accepting oneself. ... The sweet, simple story and artwork make a very effective point."
-Christian Schools International

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