Picture Books


: Tanneke Wigersma

illustrator: Nynke Talsma

Baby Brother

An apparently traditional picture book wrapping one story in text with another of illustrations, playfully comparing a cat expecting kittens with all phases of pregnancy leading to birth. Ideal reading for when the family is about to expand, letting a sister or brother grow used to the idea of having a baby brother.

The illustrations are magnificent and tell you what the text does not. Soft and sweetly sophisticated aquarelles, a crisp and funny text, and a surprising ending. This book has all the qualities of a potential classic.

Rights sold to Korea, U.S.A.


"Mia's positive, self-assured attitude toward the exciting family event will be an encouraging example to new older siblings. Succinct and creatively simple."
-Kirkus Reviews

"A clever, sweet book to recommend to families with a new sibling on the way."
-School Library Journal

"A little girl's letter to her grandmother details recent events in the life of her cat, Stripe. ... But the letter's final line articulates the outcome of a marvelous parallel story that has been told only in the illustrations. ... Always wholly child-centered, Tanneke Wigersma and Nynke Mare Talsma's terrific picture book never strays from the young girls viewpoint, and never reveals too much."
-CCBC Choices (University of Wisconsin)

"A delicate portrait of pregnancy and birth through the eyes of a new big sister."
-Birmingham (Alabama) Parent & Montgomery (Alabama) Parent